The Megahighways of the Rich Queen: An Overview

Who are the historical queens who come to mind when you imagine those who were wealthy and powerful? Who knows? Maybe Russia’s Catherine the Great. Maybe the Spanish queen Isabella? Perhaps they are entitled to such a label, and that much is evident. However, no one could compete with Cleopatra, the last legitimate monarch of Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra’s connections to Rome’s emperors Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius helped make her a household name. Alliances with Rome brought her a great deal of wealth, so she could afford to live in relative comfort. Even though Cleopatra poisoned herself to death when she was only 39, her legend will live on in this slot machine from Big Time Gaming.

With a maximum of 117,649 ways to win, Queen of Riches follows the pattern for Megaways slots with a layout consisting of 6 reels that create between 2 and 7 symbols on each reel with every spin. Inspired by NetEnt’s popular Twin Spin slot, but without the free spins bonus round, you can still win big thanks to the game’s mechanics.

Big Time Gaming is well-known for developing visually impressive slot machines on the internet. Queen of Riches is not an exception, as it also makes use of stunning high-definition visuals. Walls covered in hieroglyphs and statues of dogs transport viewers to an ancient Egyptian scene. After then, the standard playing card symbols will begin to appear on the reels. The range of these is from the turquoise 9 to the purple A. The green eye of Horus symbol follows next, and it can increase your bet by up to three times. The scarab beetle symbol is next, then the rebirth of the crimson phoenix from its ashes. The pyramid icon is the slot’s highest paying symbol, paying out 50 times your wager for a full house.

Features of the Riches Megahighway Queen

Queen of Riches features Full Reel Wilds, which have previously appeared in other games by the same developer. Cleopatra appears on a reel, covering the entire screen, because she is the source of this symbol in the game. As a wild, she can replace any regular icon except for the scatter. It can substitute for any other icon up to seven times and increase the payout by as much as seven times as part of a winning combination. If you get two or more Full Reel Wilds in the same winning combination, the multiplier will increase by one each time, all the way up to a maximum of 49x. Keep in mind that these symbols are restricted to the second through sixth reels.

The Reel Clone function is the heart of the game. As a matter of fact, this occurs with every spin, yet the results are always utterly unpredictable. The clone function consists mostly on its ability to make two to six identical reels. You can also clone Full Reel Wilds, which increases your chances of winning when many of them appear on a set of cloned reels. Since the same icons will be visible on all cloned reels, the Reel Clone Feature is essential to maximizing your winnings and should be kept in mind at all times.

Megaway Queen of Wealth: Judgment

Queen of Riches is arguably the most impressive track record of any Big Time Gaming slot machine, which is saying something. It’s the only Big Time Gaming slot with verified wins of up to 20,000x, as of this writing. While the potential is undeniably remarkable, it is even more exhilarating to know that such successes have surfaced in the casino industry on multiple occasions.

However, not everyone enjoys this type of game. Some players find it boring because there is no free spins bonus round to try and activate. It’s also highly volatile which means you’re likely to experience a lot of dead spins or low rewards. Obviously, most meetings will accomplish nothing. For adrenaline seekers, however, few slots can get the heart beating the way Queen of Riches does. The promise of a life-changing payout when the synchronized reels cease spinning is enough to keep many dedicated players coming back for more.






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