Not Everyone Can Play Red Dead Poker

The anticipation among gamers for Rockstar Games’ announcement in September 2017 that it would add multi-player Poker to its Red Dead Redemption franchise via a sequel to the original game was palpable. Rockstar Games is a video game publisher that has achieved legendary status around the world. Among its many successful titles is the Grand Theft Auto series of video games.

At the time of its announcement, Red Dead Redemption II was touted as a multiplayer game that will focus on Poker and incorporate all of the Wild West’s card action. Over the course of its first weekend on sale, 24 million units were purchased. Recent online updates from Rockstar, however, in Beta mode, have dimmed the excitement. It didn’t take long for gamers to recognize that the upgraded Poker feature wasn’t available to everyone.


It Was Initially Believed To Be A Bug

The update fixed a number of bugs and added several new features, such as the ability to play Poker with many people at once or to join a public game where the stakes are “much higher.”


Players had at first thought they couldn’t get the updates due to a beta-release problem. But they were really disheartened to learn that, due to where they were located, not only did they not have access to the Poker update, but they also probably never would. Their inability to use certain features of the upgrade was traced back to the fact that online poker is banned in many countries and subject to stringent regulations.


The Idea Is Very Much Like Loot Boxes

Although no physical currency is ever exchanged, the debate over virtual currencies continues. For instance, the problem of loot boxes has been a source of frustration for many authorities. Many people believe that the issue boils down to providing opportunities for gambling to minors and even very young children.


The exact same idea applies to the latest version of Red Dead. It’s possible that loot boxes themselves aren’t the issue; but, the prevalence of in-game currency is.






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